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[Patch #805] Make include/jni.h usable by JJM kernels

From: nobody
Subject: [Patch #805] Make include/jni.h usable by JJM kernels
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 14:10:09 -0500

Patch #805 has been updated. 

Category: None
Status: Closed
Summary: Make include/jni.h usable by JJM kernels


Date: 2002-Dec-11 09:34
By: crawley

(The title should read >>JVM<< not JJM ...)

This patch does two things:

  1) If _JNI_VM_INTERNAL_TYPES_DEFINED is defined before
     jni.h is #included, the "void *" dummy declarations
     for jobject, methodID or fieldID are ifdef'd out.
     This allows a JVM kernel to use the real typedefs.

  2) ./configure --with-jni-extensions=xyz causes jni.h
     to include JNI function vector extensions to be 
     #included from <jni_ext-xyz.h>



Date: 2003-Jan-10 12:08
By: cbj

Need to know if this is still needed.

Date: 2003-Jan-12 10:06
By: crawley

It is not needed in its current form. 
I've take your advice and implemented the extensions 
via a separate API that native can retrieve via GetEnv.

Kissme now only needs the "_JNI_VM_INTERNAL_TYPES_DEFINED" 
changes in jni.h.  Right now it is using its own copy of


Date: 2003-Jan-25 14:10
By: cbj

I've included the _JNI_VM_INTERNAL_TYPES_DEFINED part of the patch and 1.4 
parts as well.  Your patch was missing some C++ definitions for the new 
functions and the new AttachCurrentThreadAsDaemon.

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