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classpath ./ChangeLog ./NEWS java/lang/Makefile...

From: Brian Jones
Subject: classpath ./ChangeLog ./NEWS java/lang/Makefile...
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 22:54:11 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/classpath
Module name:    classpath
Changes by:     Brian Jones <address@hidden>    03/04/03 22:54:11

Modified files:
        .              : ChangeLog NEWS 
        java/lang      : 
Added files:
        gnu/classpath  : 
        java/lang      : 
Removed files:

Log message:
        * vm/reference/java/lang/ new file
        * vm/reference/java/lang/ moved to java/lang
        * java/lang/ added transient reference to VMClass
        (Class): added call to static VMClass.getInstance()
        (forName(String)): calls VMClass.forName and if that returns null
        then performs the previous method call instead
        (isInstance): moved to VMClass
        (isAssignableFrom): moved to VMClass
        (isInterface): moved to VMClass
        (isArray): calls VMClass.isArray before returning to getName()
        based implementation
        (isPrimitive): moved to VMClass
        (getName): moved to VMClass
        (getSuperclass): moved to VMClass
        (getInterfaces): moved to VMClass
        (getComponentType): moved to VMClass
        (getModifiers): moved to VMClass
        (getSigners): return a clone of the signers array
        (memberAccessCheck): new method
        (getDeclaringClass): moved to VMClass
        (getClasses): calls internalGetClasses
        (internalGetClasses): new method
        (getFields): calls internalGetFields
        (internalGetFields): new method
        (getMethods): calls internalGetMethods
        (internalGetMethods): new method
        (getConstructors): calls getDeclaredConstructors
        (getField): calls getDeclaredFields
        (getMethod): calls getDeclaredMethods
        (matchMethod): new method
        (matchParameters): new method
        (getConstructor): calls getDeclaredConstructors
        (getDeclaredClasses): calls getDeclaredClasses(boolean)
        (getDeclaredClasses(boolean)): new method
        (getDeclaredFields): calls getDeclaredFields(boolean)
        (getDeclaredFields(boolean)): new method
        (getDeclaredMethods): calls getDeclaredMethods(boolean)
        (getDeclaredMethods(boolean)): new method
        (getDeclaredConstructors): calls getDeclaredConstructors(boolean)
        (getDeclaredConstructors(boolean)): new method
        (getDeclaredField): calls getDeclaredFields
        (getDeclaredMethod): calls getDeclaredMethods
        (getDeclaredConstructor): calls getDeclaredConstructors
        (getClassLoader0): removed
        * NEWS: note changes to Class
        * gnu/classpath/RawData: new file (from libgcj)
        * java/lang/ add to dist
        * vm/reference/java/lang/ add to dist,


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