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[commit-cp] classpath ./ChangeLog javax/swing/

From: Roman Kennke
Subject: [commit-cp] classpath ./ChangeLog javax/swing/
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 10:08:01 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/classpath
Module name:    classpath
Changes by:     Roman Kennke <address@hidden>   05/09/22 14:08:01

Modified files:
        .              : ChangeLog 
        javax/swing    : 

Log message:
        2005-09-22  Roman Kennke  <address@hidden>
        * javax/swing/
        (AccessibleJComponent.addPropertyChangeListener): Partly omplemented.
        (AccessibleJComponent.getAccessibleStateSet): Partly implemented.
        (doubleBuffered): Default value of this field is true.
        (paint): Moved double buffer painting stuff to separate method.
        (paintChildren): Don't call into AWT painting code here. This allows
        for a small optimization.
        (paintImmediately): Don't go up to the parent window, try to start
        painting on the nearest JRootPane if possible.
        (paintImmediately2): New method. Actually performs repainting
        on the repaint root.
        (paintDoubleBuffered): New method. Performs painting using
        a double buffer.
        (paintSimple): New method. Performs painting without buffer.


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