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Newbie question ?

From: Arno Wilhelm
Subject: Newbie question ?
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 14:39:11 +0100


I am new to this list and I hope I do not make a mistake when I post my 
questions here. ( If yes, just tell me and I stop it. )

My question is:

Is there a possibility to use grub as a bootloader from a cdrom ?

I see two scenario's:

a) The first is that you could burn grub to a cdrom/DVD like it is done with 
isolinux. That means that grub is added to a iso9660 image as "generic boot 
code" ( see also man mkisofs ). From there grub could boot a OS either from 
cdrom/DVD or a harddisk.

b) I could also think of puting grub into the MBR of a harddisk or floppy and 
booting from there a OS on Cdrom/DVD.

I assume that grub is not yet able to do this, since I could not find any 
hints in the info pages. What do you think ? Is this possible and would that 
be a good idea ?



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