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grub ./BUGS ./ChangeLog ./configure ./configure...

From: OKUJI Yoshinori
Subject: grub ./BUGS ./ChangeLog ./configure ./configure...
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 16:56:40 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/grub
Module name:    grub
Changes by:     OKUJI Yoshinori <address@hidden>        02/01/02 16:56:40

Modified files:
        .              : BUGS ChangeLog configure 
        docs           : grub-md5-crypt.8 mbchk.1 
        netboot        : 3c509.c 3c509.h 3c595.c 3c90x.c 3c90x.txt 
                README.netboot cards.h 
                         config.c cs89x0.c depca.c eepro100.c epic100.c 
                         etherboot.h fsys_tftp.c i82586.c lance.c 
                         linux-asm-string.h main.c misc.c nic.h ns8390.c 
                         ns8390.h osdep.h otulip.c pci.c pci.h rtl8139.c 
                         sk_g16.c smc9000.c tiara.c tulip.c via-rhine.c 
        stage2         : builtins.c cmdline.c common.c 
Added files:
        netboot        : davicom.c eepro.c fa311.c ni5010.c sis900.c 
                         sis900.h sis900.txt timer.c timer.h tlan.c 

Log message:
        2002-01-03  Yoshinori K. Okuji  <address@hidden>
        Update the netboot stuff to Etherboot-5.0.5.
        * (--enable-3c590): Removed. This was a mistake.
        (--enable-davicom): New option.
        (--enable-eepro): Likewise.
        (--enable-natsemi): Likewise.
        (--enable-ni5010): Likewise.
        (--enable-sis900): Likewise.
        (--enable-w89c840): Likewise.
        (--enable-3c509-hack): Removed.
        (--enable-ns8390-force-16bit): Likewise.
        * netboot/ (libdrivers_a_SOURCES): Added timer.c and
        (EXTRA_libdrivers_a_SOURCES): Added davicom.c, eepro.c, fa311.c,
        natsemi.c, ni5010.c, sis900.c, sis900.h, tlan.c and w89c840.c.
        (EXTRA_DIST): Added sis900.txt.
        (3c595_drivers): Remove 3c590.o from this.
        (davicom_drivers): New variable.
        (eepro_drivers): Likewise.
        (natsemi_drivers): Likewise.
        (ni5010_drivers): Likewise.
        (sis900_drivers): Likewise.
        (w89c840_drivers): Likewise.
        (3c590_o_CFLAGS): Removed.
        (davicom_o_CFLAGS): New variable.
        (eepro_o_CFLAGS): Likewise.
        (natsemi_o_CFLAGS): Likewise.
        (ni5010_o_CFLAGS): Likewise.
        (sis900_o_CFLAGS): Likewise.
        (w89c840_o_CFLAGS): Likewise.
        * netboot/davicom.c: New file, from Etherboot-5.0.5.
        * netboot/eepro.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/natsemi.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/ni5010.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/sis900.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/sis900.h: Likewise.
        * netboot/sis900.txt: Likewise.
        * netboot/timer.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/timer.h: Likewise.
        * netboot/w89c840.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/fa311.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/tlan.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/3c509.c: Copied from Etherboot-5.0.5.
        * netboot/3c509.h: Likewise.
        * netboot/3c595.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/3c90x.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/3c90x.txt: Likewise.
        * netboot/cards.h: Likewise.
        * netboot/cs89x0.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/depca.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/eepro100.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/epic100.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/i82586.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/lance.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/linux-asm-string.h: Likewise.
        * netboot/nic.h: Likewise.
        * netboot/ns8390.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/ns8390.h: Likewise.
        * netboot/otulip.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/pci.h: Likewise.
        * netboot/rtl8139.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/sk_g16.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/smc9000.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/tiara.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/tulip.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/via-rhine.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/config.c: Applied a diff between Etherboot-4.6.18 and
        Etherboot-5.0.5 manually.
        * netboot/main.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/pci.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/etherboot.h: Rewritten mostly from scratch, based on
        the same file in Etherboot-5.0.5.
        * netboot/misc.c: Likewise.
        * netboot/osdep.h: Likewise.
        * netboot/fsys_tftp.c (GRUB): Defined.
        (buf_fill): Use rfc2131_sleep_interval instead of rfc951_sleep.
        * stage2/builtins.c [SUPPORT_NETBOOT] (GRUB): Defined.
        (boot_func) [SUPPORT_NETBOOT]: Call cleanup_net.
        * stage2/cmdline.c [SUPPORT_DISKLESS] (GRUB): Defined.
        * stage2/common.c [SUPPORT_DISKLESS] (GRUB): Likewise.


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