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Problems with Debian 2.2r5 / 2.4.18

From: Heino Erps
Subject: Problems with Debian 2.2r5 / 2.4.18
Date: 12 Apr 2002 12:31:51 +0200


I have a kernel #2.4.18 with potato Debian 2.2r5 and got a problem by
booting with GRUB!

I see following error-message after 2 seconds of booting:

" invalid compressed format (err=1)
  -- System halted"

I`ve compiled and installed an own Kernel as a debian Package!
Could this generate my problems??
With the standard kernel from Debian I got no Problems with grub!

I don`t know, why I got this trouble, perhaps anybody got an Idea??!!

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