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Great for the investor & the trader.. (class 'A' by

From: E-Trading Club
Subject: Great for the investor & the trader.. (class 'A' by
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 14:37:40 -0800

Welcome to E-Trading...

We are brokers with some great contacts in the field of trading.
We formed this "pool of funds" to raise the funds required
for healthy distribution of funds in various markets.
We will initially start with Forex then move into Shares and S&ps
and then into very secured -principle guaranteed- ventures.
Ranked by
 Class 'A' (Top Performer HYIP);
 Hot & paid program;

For the investor:
-Great diversification that can not be made individually.
-Even the smallest amount of money would be diversified
into at least 3 traders/markets at any given point in time.
-Returns averaging 15% per month based on past performance.
-Ability to have your funds handled by people who know
the ins and outs of the industry, Hence you do not need
to follow the markets personally.
-Very flexible! for long,short & medium term financial goals.

For the trader:
-Great team with lots of contacts.
-Medium to large level of funds available to handle.
-Healthy commission + salary (will be negotiated depending
on the performance and experience).
-Ability to become an Introducing Broker.

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