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I asked for Investment opportunity in your country

Subject: I asked for Investment opportunity in your country
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 14:52:28 +0100

Good day,
I asked for Investment opportunity in your country. Firstly, let me introduce 
myself- I am VERO SAVIMBI, the daughter to late JONAS SAVIMBI- the former 
leader of the National Union -The Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). My 
father was the Angola rebel leader of UNITA and was killed during combat action 
against government forces in the Central Eastern Province of Moxico, Angola on 
the 23rd of Feb,2002.
After his death the present Government leader President Jose Eduardo dos santos 
and his rebel associates has embarked on ethnic killing(secretly) of all my 
father's rebels and their family, if captured - with the fear of their future 
re-enforcement. With this, I left ANGOLA through a neighboring country to PORT 
LOIS MAURITIUS with the help of my husband Mc Anthony.
We were able to move some money in united states dollars from my Father's 
underground home vault, this money was realized from the lands he sold to multi 
- national companies and the Diamond Royalties that was paid to him from the 
Diamond mining companies in the areas he controlled during his time as the 
President of UNITA.
Now I solicit your assistance in claiming the funds in Europe for safe 
keeping/investment under your control for safety control reasons through Legal 
For investment we are more interested in Venture Capital ,Project and Trade 
financing, Real Estate / Startup Equity financing; investment on a high scale 
business operation.
If you are capable of handling this subject matter, please contact us, to 
enable us agree on your share of the transaction and to discuss in details the 
type of investment you can control on our behalf.
NOTE: All agreement, arrangement and procedure of the transaction/Investment 
would be handle by a will reputable Attorney for security reasons.
Fax :    +   17025524804
EMAIL: address@hidden  

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