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Thu, 04 Mar 2004 08:41:25 -0600- Free To PLAY - $10k Give Away

From: Linwood Kincaid
Subject: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 08:41:25 -0600- Free To PLAY - $10k Give Away
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 15:35:25 +0100

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Download Our Free Casino Interface
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WELCOME To Internet Casino's
2004 FreePlay Tournament
$10,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool!



    ***You must be 18 years of age or older to participate***

    How Do I Enter?
    You simply download our casino software and open a free account.

    How Many Times Can I Enter
    You may enter this tournament 1 times only.  The use of multiple registrations will result in permanent disqualification.

    How Much Does It Cost To Enter
    There is no fee to enter the tournament, you do not have to make a deposit nor do you need to register with a credit card.  It's FREE!

    234 Paid Positions

    All Entrants Start With $1000 in Tournament Credits

    Play any of the casino games.  Try to play with that $1000 for as long as possible until your account reaches zero or the tournament ends.  You can log out and log back in to continue play at any time. 

    Every time you place a bet, you are credited with an equal number of rollover points.  At the end of the tournament, the top 234 players with the most rollover points win the cash prizes in the table to the left. The Top Scores can be viewed at all times

    This Tournament will begin on 29th of February 2004 and closing will be on March the 7th 11:59.59 pm 2004. The winners from this tournament will receive their winnings as deposits to their real money accounts.  These monies may be played in any of our casino games.  Winnings may be withdrawn via check or wire subject to the following limitations. 

    1.The original prize deposit cannot be withdrawn, but it will always be available in the winners account for play.  Only the winings beyond this amount may be withdrawn
    2.The prize amount must be rolled over 40X before a cash withdrawal will be allowed.
    The winners will be determined on March 8th and notified via email.  All winners and
    top scores will be posted on our web-site for review during and after the tournament.

    SIGN-UP and Start Playing Today!
    Your Odds Of Winning Couldn't Be Better

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