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Autoreply to Re: Hi

From: helpdesk
Subject: Autoreply to Re: Hi
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:56:49 +0200

      This is an automated response to your mail    
   CD Freaks Forum Helpdesk - address@hidden  


Dear visitor,

Thank you for contacting us. Due to the amount of 
questions we cannot answer all your questions
personally. This automated response however contains
important information that should help you answering
your questions. Please read it carefully!

We receive many questions about registration issues. 
See below for possible problems and solutions.

1) Before you post you will need to activate your 
account. Your account can only be activated by
clicking on a link that you will receive by e-mail

If you didn't enter a valid e-mail address during
the registration process, then please try again 
using a valid e-mail address and a different nickname. 
You can change your nickname if needed by sending a private 
message (PM) to a CD Freaks administrator/moderator, 
they'll be happy to assist you.

If you haven't received the email you can have
it resend it to you. If still doesn't work then check your 
spam filters or hotmail bulkmail inbox

2) Make sure you accept cookies from our site (* 
If you are accepting them, are registered and still are unable 
to post, then  please delete your cookies (if you don't know
how to do this, please use a search engine to learn more).

3) If you have lost your password you can use
this form:

By using this forum your password will be reset to a new one, 
and mailed to you. We can not retrieve your password, as they 
are stored encrypted.

4) If you have a question regarding software
hardware you have used the wrong e-mail address
CD Freaks provides no technical support by e-mail.

Instead use our search:

With this tool you should find answer to your
question. If not, then register and post your
question in the appropiate forum and other members
will help you.

5) Questions regarding our shop should be send using
the form on the following internet address:

6) If you still have problems then please contact
our second line support at address@hidden
Please include your entire question and any previous
communications, but make sure you have read this 
entire e-mail before contacting us. 

Be sure to read the rules before you post and contact
any of our administrators/moderators by PM (private
message) in case of any problems when you are 

Thanks for your intrest in our site and we hope you
will have a pleasant stay!

Kind regards,

Jan-Willem de Bruin
CD Management

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