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grub ./ChangeLog ./TODO boot/powerpc/ieee1275/c...

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: grub ./ChangeLog ./TODO boot/powerpc/ieee1275/c...
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 09:20:16 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/grub
Module name:    grub
Changes by:     Marco Gerards <address@hidden>  05/01/04 14:01:45

Modified files:
        .              : ChangeLog TODO 
        boot/powerpc/ieee1275: crt0.S 
        conf           : powerpc-ieee1275.rmk 
        include/grub   : kernel.h 
        include/grub/i386/pc: kernel.h 
        include/grub/util: misc.h 
        kern           : main.c 
        kern/i386/pc   : init.c 
        kern/powerpc/ieee1275: init.c 
        util           : grub-emu.c misc.c 
        util/i386/pc   : grub-mkimage.c 
Added files:
        include/grub/powerpc/ieee1275: kernel.h 
        util/powerpc/ieee1275: grub-mkimage.c 

Log message:
        2005-01-04  Hollis Blanchard  <address@hidden>
        * TODO: Add note about endianness in grub-mkimage.
        * boot/powerpc/ieee1275/crt0.S (note): Remove unused .note
        * conf/powerpc-ieee1275.rmk (bin_UTILITIES): Add grub-mkimage.
        (grub_mkimage_SOURCES): New target.
        * include/grub/kernel.h (grub_start_addr): Remove variable.
        (grub_end_addr): Likewise.
        (grub_total_module_size): Likewise.
        (grub_kernel_image_size): Likewise.
        (GRUB_MODULE_MAGIC): New constant.
        (grub_module_info): New structure.
        (grub_arch_modules_addr): New prototype.
        (grub_get_end_addr): Remove prototype.
        * include/grub/i386/pc/kernel.h (grub_end_addr): New prototype.
        * include/grub/powerpc/ieee1275/kernel.h: New file.
        * include/grub/util/misc.h (grub_util_get_fp_size): New
        (grub_util_read_at): Likewise.
        (grub_util_write_image_at): Likewise.
        * kern/main.c (grub_get_end_addr): Remove function.
        (grub_load_modules): Call grub_arch_modules_addr instead of using
        grub_end_addr.  Look for a grub_module_info struct in memory.  Use
        the grub_module_info fields instead of calling grub_get_end_addr
        as loop conditions.  Move grub_add_unused_region code here.
        (grub_add_unused_region): Remove function.
        * kern/i386/pc/init.c: Include grub/cache.h.
        (grub_machine_init): Remove call to grub_get_end_addr.  Remove
        one call to add_mem_region.
        (grub_arch_modules_addr): New function.
        * kern/powerpc/ieee1275/init.c (grub_end_addr): Remove variable.
        (grub_total_module_size): Likewise.
        Include grub/machine/kernel.h.
        (grub_arch_modules_addr): New function.
        * util/grub-emu.c (grub_end_addr): Remove variable.
        (grub_total_module_size): Likewise.
        (grub_arch_modules_addr): New function.
        * util/misc.c: Include unistd.h.
        (grub_util_get_fp_size): New function.
        (grub_util_read_at): Likewise.
        (grub_util_write_image_at): Likewise.
        (grub_util_read_image): Call grub_util_read_at.
        (grub_util_write_image): Call grub_util_write_image_at.
        * util/i386/pc/grub-mkimage.c (generate_image): Allocate
        additional memory in kernel_img for a struct grub_module_info.
        Fill in that grub_module_info.
        * util/powerpc/ieee1275/grub-mkimage.c: New file.


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