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Dear GNU Grub Members.

From: Minyoung Go
Subject: Dear GNU Grub Members.
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2016 16:41:09 +0900

Dear GNU Grub Members.

I found weired comments at <Grub>/grub-core/boot/i386/pc/boot.S. Comments in Line 221, 222 is "ljmp to the next instruction because some bogus BIOSes jump to 07C0:0000 instead of 0000:7C00.". However, "ljmp    $0, $real_start" is no longer pointing to adsolute address. This comments were written at version 1.98, when "$real_start" point to adsolute address with ABS macro. Therefore I think this comments should be changed. Below is my idea to change that comments.

diff --git a/grub-core/boot/i386/pc/boot.S b/grub-core/boot/i386/pc/boot.S                                                                                   
index 2bd0b2d..378f960 100644                                                  
--- a/grub-core/boot/i386/pc/boot.S                                            
+++ b/grub-core/boot/i386/pc/boot.S                                            
@@ -221,8 +221,7 @@ boot_drive_check:                                          
         movb    $0x80, %dl                                                    
-        * ljmp to the next instruction because some bogus BIOSes              
-        * jump to 07C0:0000 instead of 0000:7C00.                             
+        * ljmp to the next instruction                                        
        ljmp    $0, $real_start 

I will be looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

Best Regard, Minyoung Go.

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