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[Cron-bug] Build Environment

From: Ryan M. Golbeck
Subject: [Cron-bug] Build Environment
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 00:00:31 -0500
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Okay, I just checked some more stuff in (it's coming, albiet slowly
because I'm still trying to figure out exactly what and how I want to
do here) but it's not compiling currently because I'm using a DEBUG
preprocessor symbol.  I want to define this in a global sort of way
with autoconf or something somehow, so that it is either set in
config.h or passed on the command line when compiling so that stuff
can be included (or removed) based on it's getting.  I tried AC_DEFINE
in, but that didn't seem to work properly.  I'm still
going through the documentation on automake/autoconf.

Also, if you look in src/libcron right now, the scheduler is going to
end up taking a lot of files.  So I'm thinking we might want to move
it to libcron/sched/ or something, but I'm not sure if the scheduler
will be most of libcron or not.  I'm imagining it will be, in which
case there isn't much point in giving it it's own subdir under

Also..  Is there a way I can set the in crond/ to depend
on libcron/ in a way that it will recompile libcron if there are changes
when I'm just making in crond/?  Do you know what I mean?

And, the final issue was that to include a header from libcron/ in a
source file in crond/ I had to do "../libcron/blah.h".  I'm not sure
if I should be using <blah.h> or not because I'm still a little fuzzy
on the whole build environment that's setup.

Ryan Golbeck <address@hidden>
Computer Science
University Of Waterloo

GPG: 1024D/78916B84 
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