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[Cw-devel] the database design

From: Timo Laine
Subject: [Cw-devel] the database design
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 14:46:31 +0300

We tinkered with the database design yesterday with Radu, and it's now
pretty complete. We shouldn't need anything more to get the system
working. If there's anything strange in the field names or anything,
please ask. Some of them are a bit mysterious, but I think I can still
remember what they are. :-)

create table users_usr (
        id_usr int8 NOT NULL,
        idsts_usr int8,
        username_usr text NOT NULL,
        fullname_usr text,
        password_usr text NOT NULL,
        signature_usr text

create table status_sts (
        id_sts int8 NOT NULL,
        title_sts text NOT NULL

create table topic_top (
        id_top int8 NOT NULL,
        title_top text,
        description_top text,
        idusr_top int8

create table message_collections_msc (
        id_msc int8 NOT NULL,
        title_msc text,
        description_msc text,
        idtop_msc int8

create table message_msg (
        id_msg int8 NOT NULL,
        idusr_msg int8 NOT NULL,
        recipient_msg int8,
        title_msg text,
        content_msg text,
        idmsc_msg int8 NOT NULL,
        idmsg_msg int8,
        idmst_msg int

create table message_type_mst (
        id_mst int NOT NULL,
        title_mst int8

Now that we have that somewhat done, we'll need the function prototypes.
I just found out that PHP supports classes too, so maybe we should have
an object oriented design. Actually, had I known that before, I would
have suggested we start with defining the classes and only after that
move to the database design. But anyways, I have a pretty good idea of
the classes we should have.

Timo Laine, address@hidden

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