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[Cw-devel] ideas and stuff in cvs

From: Timo Laine
Subject: [Cw-devel] ideas and stuff in cvs
Date: 13 Jun 2002 12:16:34 +0300

I have put some more stuff in cvs recently. So far, it contains a little
code, a class diagram and the database "create table" SQL queries.

I have made everything object oriented so far. The idea is that the
frontend should have to do as little as possible. The backend objects
should therefore also return objects. For example, a "message" object
has a getPoster() return function. This should return the corresponding
"user" object. This enables us to use stuff like
messageX.getPoster().getUsername(). (I'm not sure if that's the actual
PHP syntax, but you get the idea.)

If you haven't looked at the code already, go to for instructions on how to do a

We also talked with Radu about switching to Python (maybe Zope), but
there are problems with it: using CVS with Zope might be complicated and
other Python web scripting tools are maybe not mature enough. We can
talk about the alternatives, but until all the problems with them are
solved, I'm personally going to continue adding to the PHP codebase. And
even if we will eventually switch, hopefully it will only be a matter of
rewriting everything with a different syntax.

Timo Laine, address@hidden

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