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[D-moon-blue-devel] Hot penny Stocks

From: Matthew Quintana
Subject: [D-moon-blue-devel] Hot penny Stocks
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 00:10:55 -0000

An ALERT is being issued starting right N0W. Keep your eyes glued on VGYI!!
Explosive pick for our members!

Big News Expected Friday the 13th

Vision Energy Group, Inc (VGYI)
Current Price:  .72
5 day expected: 1.60

Don't get caught in the dust, start watchin today because this company has been known to release major news at any time which could bring the st0ck up!!

Current News

Vision Energy Group, Inc. Prepares to Purchase Biodiesel Production Unit
Monday September 25, 2:34 pm ET
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vision Energy Group, Inc. prepares to purchase 
biodiesel production unit in Mississippi.

Vision Energy Group, Inc. advises they have retained a leading industry 
exponent to inspect this biodiesel production facility which has a capacity of 
60,000 gallons per day.

The plant has been producing only 20,000 gallons per day but can be increased 
by applying an increase in working capital.

Subject to their Consultant's final report being favorable, Vision Energy Group 
plans to make an offer to purchase and take over this operation as soon as 

Investigations carried out over the past six weeks have given positive 
indications overall.

About Vision Energy Corp.

Vision Energy Corp. offers an efficient, patented technology to generate 
electricity at substantial savings by using the wasted energy dissipated when 
high pressure gas pipelines are let down in pressure for local consumption. Up 
to 70% of electricity generated when using this system is produced without 
combustion of any fossil fuel and therefore no harmful atmospheric emissions. 
Thermal efficiency can exceed 100% by taking advantage of both let down energy 
and primary turbine waste heat (exhaust ).

None sence
LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Reuters withdrew all 920 photographs by a 
freelance Lebanese photographer from its database on Monday after a review of 
his work showed he had altered two images from the conflict between Israel and 

North Korea's second in command, Kim Yong Nam, told Japan's Kyodo News Agency 
that sanctions would prevent Pyongyang from rejoining multilateral negotiations 
on its nuclear weapons program, which stalled last year.

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- After waking up one night in sheets teeming with tiny 
bugs, Josh Benton could not sleep for months and kept a flashlight and can of 
insecticide with him in bed.

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