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[D-moon-blue-devel] Relax with There's a super-product waiting to turn y

From: Serena
Subject: [D-moon-blue-devel] Relax with There's a super-product waiting to turn you into Superman in bed, showers and locker rooms.
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 18:29:21 +0200

Fresh stuff

 Imagine that this is bigger and moreover, stays big forever! A couple of month 
of continued use, and you will have something to boast about in locker rooms.
 After you apply this solution to your equipment, your girls will call you Mr. 
Big Size. You won't know what to do with all the girls that will be attracted 
by the new you. Come on in here: http://samibiat.com/gall/ms/ 
You don't need to spend huge money on luxury items - it all will be worthless 
without decent physical equipment.

 A helping hand is no farther than at the end of your sleeve.  A bird in the 
hand is worth two in the bush. Always the bridesmaid,never the bride  Shame 
face ah feel like cent ice.

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