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[Dctc-announce] release of dctc v0.85.4

From: eric
Subject: [Dctc-announce] release of dctc v0.85.4
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:47:43 +0200
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- add .ogm as known file extension (video).

- new core to have a single process handling all transfers.

   Note: before starting a process using this version, you must stop all 
process running an earlier version. See Documentation/core_0.85.4 for a 
technical description of the change.

- fix incorrect handling of last corrupted segment of a file if it follows a 
corrupted segment.

NOTE: GUI working with earlier version of DCTC still will work but will not be 
able to use the new feature

- .met parameters are returned by /VAR command.

- Handle correctly share list of users having a slash in their nickname.

- Don't allow a delay of 0 minutes with /GDLMETPOLL. 10 minutes is 
automatically used in such case.

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