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[Dctc-announce] Release of DCTC v0.85.6

From: eric
Subject: [Dctc-announce] Release of DCTC v0.85.6
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 17:44:49 +0200
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- when a dctc_master is created, gdl met params are inherited from the client
  creating it.

- support both libgcrypt (>=1.1.12) and openSSL as cryptography library.

- fix libtool compilation problem.

- add support of 64bits file API. This provides support of files bigger than 

- Avoid auto-scan of simultaneously created/attached GDL to be started 
simultaneously. Previously, if you have no delay between search set, all GDLs 
start their auto-scan at the same time which can create a big network load 
and if you have a delay set, only the first GDL is able to run the auto-scan, 
other queries are ignored.

- add flag to allow download of the sharelist even if no upload slot is 
available (sharelist_dl). If ==0, the upload is denied as usual. If not 0, 
the user can download the sharelist (a la DC++). Based on A.J. patch.

- add 2 flags: fake_dcpp_client and fake_dcpp_version. When the first flag is 
0, DCTC works in normal mode. If the flag is not 0, the 2nd flag must be set 
to a string containing the DC++ version to display (for example: 0.261 ).

- fix incorrect computation of the number of clients connected to a hub 
(useful if you use the description tag). The update of the number of hubs is 
also performed without delay.

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