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Re: [Debian-sf-devel] CVS and windows developers.

From: Christian BAYLE
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-devel] CVS and windows developers.
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 00:36:31 +0100

Tim Uckun wrote:
> Here is my quandry.
> i would like to make sourceforge available to all the programmers including
> ones that use windows. Right now pserver will only authenticate against
> /etc/passwd. This is fine if all you want to do is checkout the code but if
> you want to update the code you need to use
> -d:ext:address@hidden:/cvsroot method. Of course that uses ssh.
They have but it's not easy to configure
You can find all kind of good guide at
Even there are integration in Visual, but I never tested and would like
to now if
it's well done. 
I was told good things about TortoiseCVS   

> What do windows developers do?  poor guys don't have cvs, don't have ssh,
> all they have are visual studio.
> Any hints would be appreciated. I did consider sending them a linux box but
> I doubt they would know what to do with it.

There is a patch in the Debian BTS to allow pserver rw 
And i will implement this as soon as we have completed migration to 2.6
I plan to allow pserver rw on a project basis
Every project should be able to choose ssh/pserver/no anonymous/possibly

Fill free to send a patch for 2.6

There are also some guide in original sourceforge site but they need to
be rewritten
You can find this in our CVS at

> :wq
> Tim Uckun
> US Investigations Services/Due Diligence
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