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[Debian-sf-devel] Re: [Debian-sf-users] how to configure ldap password?

From: Christian BAYLE
Subject: [Debian-sf-devel] Re: [Debian-sf-users] how to configure ldap password?
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 08:51:34 +0100

Soon-Son Kwon wrote:
> Right now I am in my office and the box is in my home...
> I will send you the result as soon as I come back to my house. :-)
> I forgot to tell you one thing that I changed.
> I modified the /etc/sourceforge/ as follows.
> (Yes, I removed the "ou=People")
I found that this was still in the and removed this
from CVS
Next upload should eliminate the error
This error was only for 2.5

Thank you, and sorry for this mistake

> // admin dn - login dn which has permissions to delete entries
> // NOT used by web code, only by support utilities
> // note that password NOT stored here
> // $sys_ldap_admin_dn="cn=admin,ou=People,dc=www,dc=myhome,dc=lan";
> $sys_ldap_admin_dn="cn=admin,dc=www,dc=myhome,dc=lan";
> and ran configure but at first it failed with the
> same error. (invalid credential)
> Hence I ran " purge" and " reset"
> and ran " configure" finally without error.
> I think the default sourceforge configuration ( conflicts
> with the default slapd.conf because I didn't change anything except

Christian Bayle 
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