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Re: [Debian-sf-devel] Re: [Debian-sf-users] how to configure ldap passwo

From: Roland Mas
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-devel] Re: [Debian-sf-users] how to configure ldap password?
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 11:53:07 +0100
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Soon-Son Kwon (2002-03-25 17:07:32 +0900) :

> Today I could install sf to one another woody box with same step
> (skipping and I could upgrade to 2.6.08 WITHOUT
> any error. It seems that once you configured 2.5.X correctly, 
> upgrading to 2.6.08 will work fine. 

Cool.  Beware though, 2.6 is not yet supported.  We're working on
making a smooth transition from 2.5 to 2.6, but it is not done yet.
And we will not support upgrading from one version of 2.6 to another
before we have finished the 2.5->2.6 transition.  Which means: don't
switch to 2.6 too early or you might lose data.

  In any case, have fun :-)

Roland Mas

Plus on en fout, plus y'en a du riz.
  -- Proverbe chinois.

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