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[Debian-sf-devel] Re: [CoopX] SourceForget change in policy; Larry is sp

From: Grant Bowman
Subject: [Debian-sf-devel] Re: [CoopX] SourceForget change in policy; Larry is speaking now !
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 23:03:16 -0700
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* Christian BAYLE <address@hidden> [020401 19:07]:
> Hi Grant
> You can find here an answer to your letter
> Mentioned by Soon-Son Kwon <address@hidden> on [Debian-sf-devel] list
> You can look at the FAQ Mentioned in the message at

I wonder when this was posted to their website...

> I just wonder which companies Larry Augustin is talking about.
> Knowing the the sf code, it's a lot of work to have all working, since 
> there are few informations in the code to make all work.
> And even if a company would make all work, it can't make business with
> the
> code, without releasing it.
> Savannah code is available
> Debian-sf code is available
> How can we improve something with a non speaking mailing list, 
> a forum that changed its place (from alexandria to alexandria-dev),
> with an announcement removed few days later?

I emailed ESR last night and this afternoon I got a whole bunch of
messages from my monitoring of the Alexandria forums.  I have no idea if
the two are related in any way.

> We will continue to improve debian-sf package, integrate proposed patch, 
> merge with available code. At least the good news is that it will be GPL
> :).
> Sourceforge package will probably be available in next debian release
> and easily installable.

Excellent.  So in woody version 2.5-29 is available.  Is this stable
now?  I am assuming you do not mean Sarge (woody+1). 

-- Grant Bowman                                <address@hidden>

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