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Re: [Debian-sf-devel] Problems building .debs from latest CVS

From: Soon-Son Kwon
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-devel] Problems building .debs from latest CVS
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 10:56:47 +0900
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For debuild, you need to install package named "devscripts" separately.

"apt-get install devscripts" will do that.

Install it first and try to build the packages again with debuild.

"apt-get build-dep sourceforge" is for getting necessary packages
to build sourceforge*.deb package.

Hope this helps...

On Sun, May 26, 2002 at 08:43:54PM -0400, girardot wrote:
> I have never used a debian distro before so I am sure the most likely
> explination for any troubles I am having all stem from that so please
> forgive my newbie type questions.
> I have a brand new, clean install of woody on an older hp vectra xa machine.
> I didn't install very much during the initial debian install, just basically
> accepted the defaults through the install, in tasksel i choose c/c++ dev and
> nothing else, i didn't use the other package selection method at all.
> uname -a:
> Linux debian 2.2.20-idepci #1 Mon Dec 31 07:45:13 EST 2001 i686 unknown
> I am now trying to install the very latest CVS of the debian-sf packages.
> On this page:
> I was following the directions to build and test the latest split package
> from CVS source so I checked out 2.6 fine and then came to these steps.
> Put the right lines in your /etc/apt/source.list e.g.:
> deb sid main contrib non-free
> deb sid/non-US main contrib non-free
> Update your local list:
> apt-get update
> Get needed package to compile:
> apt-get build-dep sourceforge
> after that last step I kept getting:
> E: Unable to find source package for sourceforge
> Eventually I changed /etc/apt/source.list to also include:
> deb-src sid main contrib non-free
> deb-src sid/non-US main contrib
> non-free
> and then things seemed to work fine, I just don't know if that was the right
> way to fix the problem or if I had some sort of other config problem that
> was preventing it from working, like my CVS checkout in the wrong spot or
> something?
> I ended up with .debs that are named like
> sourceforge-common_2.6-0+11+_all.deb is that right for the new split
> package?
> The next step is:
> debuild -us -uc
> but I got an error that the command debuild did not exist.
> I don't really know what the 'apt-get build-dep sourceforge' command was
> doing, but it seemed like it was getting some debian packages in preperation
> for building the .deb files. In this case the devscripts debian package was
> needed because it supplies the debuild command but it wasn't installed on my
> system. I was thinking that maybe the 'build-dep sourceforge' command should
> also get and install devscripts.
> I don't know if either one of these counts as a bug, but I'll be glad to put
> them in the bug tracker if that is a better place for them.
> However I am now having trouble with 'dpkg -i
> sourceforge-common_2.6-0+11+_all.deb' so I wanted to check and see if maybe
> something I did in this stage was the cause of it. I'll send that problem as
> a seperate mail, but does the above sound acceptable for making the debs
> from cvs source?
> What parts will I have to redo when to test the next version when you do
> another commit?
> Thank you to the developers for all the hard work on this package.
> Cheers,
> blake
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