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[Debian-sf-devel] Re: sourceforge with mysql/sendmail?

From: Roland Mas
Subject: [Debian-sf-devel] Re: sourceforge with mysql/sendmail?
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 11:54:03 +0200
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Hadmut Danisch (2002-09-05 11:23:32 +0200) :

> the sourceforge debian package depends on exim and postgres and
> therefore can't be used with a system based on sendmail and mysql.
> Are these dependencies really requirements of the upstream software?

Yes and no.  Sourceforge 2.0 worked with MySQL and any MTA.  It's
getting hard to find, but I can send you a tarball and the packages I
had made at the time before I switched to Sourceforge 2.5.  Or you can
try Savannah, which is based on Sourceforge 2.0 and should work with
MySQL and Sendmail.

  Sourceforge 2.5 does require the use of PostgreSQL, since it uses
features present in PostgreSQL not present in MySQL (sequences,
constraintes, etc.).  Therefore my package depends on postgresql.

  As for the MTA: I chose the default MTA for Debian for the
Sourceforge package.  The integration with the MTA is not very tight,
but it is still MTA-dependent, and the 2.5 package gets to depend on
Exim.  The 2.6 packages add flexibility in that domain: they are split
into about a dozen subpackages, including sourceforge-mta-exim and a
prototype sourceforge-mta-postfix (doesn't work yet).  It is therefore
possible to add support for Sendmail.  Neither Christian nor I are
Sendmail gurus, though, so you'll have to help us if you want that
support.  Should you want to do so, please have a look at the file in
If you come up with a (roughly) working file, I'll
be happy to include it as part of a newly-created

  It's theoretically possible to use another DB than PostgreSQL,
through the same mechanism.  That's probably much harder, though,
since the features provided by PostgreSQL would have to be emulated on
top of a MySQL server, and all the SQL requests would have to be
rewritten for that matter.

  If you'd like to get involved in the project, please be sure to get
subscribed on the debian-sf-devel mailing-list (see
I'm Cc:ing this list, so that if anyone is interested in starting this
subproject they'll know they'll have at least one user.

Roland Mas

Despite rumour, Death isn't cruel - merely terribly, terribly good at his job.
  -- in Sourcery (Terry Pratchett)

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