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Re: [Debian-sf-devel] debian-sf 2.6 status?

From: BAYLE Christian FTRD/DTL/GRE
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-devel] debian-sf 2.6 status?
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 10:11:37 +0200

Mathieu Peltier wrote:

>I would like to know what is the status of the debian-sf 2.6 package? When the
>package will be usable for production? What can we do to help?
I think the package is usable today, but it really needs some debugging,
so I would say
dump your db with the new from 2.6
install a 2.5 on a test server, restore the db with
and then migrate to 2.6, test, send bug reports :-)

>A feature that we would like to see working is in particular the stats (we have
>tried to look at the problem, it seems that the statistics process is very
>complicated... In any case, the necessary files are not included in the current
>debian 2.6 package (for example or
>, but are in the CVS repository.

It's the less you can say about stats, it seems to me to be less
complicated on 2.6, but is still
awful to make work. It deals with many things like apache logs, and
there is few information
on how it should work really.
I would say that it has to be rethought.
I did the work only for cvs, you can find this in the cvs, but it's not
It works with a lot of temporary tables and complicated/ few-documented

>The old big sourceforge package has been splitted into several small packages
>for better maintenance and flexibility. But do these packages have to be
>installed yet in the same box?

For the moment, I only tested like this, but feel free to try to make it
work on several servers

>For info, I have almost succeed to install the latest CVS version in my box (I
>experiment some problems with the 2.6-0+12 packages) It seems that there is yet a
>problem with LDAP, which does not allow to approve new project for example. Very
>good work! The new Debian theme is beautifull :-)

And theme are fully customizable, you can completly change the SF look
if desired, and add new functionnality
It's better to use the rebuild from CVs since some work and bug
corrections were made since the now old last upload.

>ps: We are thinking also to add the support of the Sympa mailing list management
>software (instead of Mailman). It seems that to add this support should not very
>difficult to wrote.

Sure, it's something very interested, I recommend you to join Jerome
Marant (two-face on IRC) the sympa packager
if you decide to do this. He told us his desire to collaborate.
Everything has been done to make this possible in 2.6 by creating a
sourceforge-lists-sympa sub package
We can either integrate this in the sourceforge package or as a
supplemental external package

>Thank you.
>Best regards,

Thank you and happy hacking :-)
PS: Of course we will be happy to sponsor the package.

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