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[Debian-sf-devel] sourceforge (2.6-0+13) is out

From: Christian Bayle
Subject: [Debian-sf-devel] sourceforge (2.6-0+13) is out
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 00:22:24 +0200
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Hum, see changelog as usual
Many things are working (Thank you paddington)
Try it, test it :)
It's a more a more usable version...
Upgrade should be smooth from 2.5 series


Here is changelog for curious.

sourceforge (2.6-0+13) experimental; urgency=low

 * [Christian] Added a dump and restore option to
 * [Christian] Added themeable main page support
 * [Christian] Rewritting of trove_getcatlisting function to
   return a string instead of direct printing
 * [Christian] you can choose default language in with
   e.g. $sys_lang='French';
 * [Roland] Added the files necessary for sourceforge-mta-postfix.  Yay!
   Our first try at flexibility!  Don't get any funny ideas though, I'm
   pretty confident it doesn't work.  Yet.
 * [Roland] [From 2.5] Changed the way we empty the LDAP directory, so as
   not to kill entries that are not ours.
 * [Roland] [From 2.5] Fixed last inserted languages.
 * [Soon-Son] added group write permission (0664) when creating the
   val-tags file in the CVSROOT directory of each project. Old
   configuration (0644) caused an error when the user tries to tag it as
   $cvs up -r xterm-branch
   cvs [server aborted]: cannot write /cvsroot/[...]/CVSROOT/val-tags:
   Permission denied
 * [Roland] [From 2.5] New  Should help killing our LDAP
   problems.  Still waiting for more testing, but it seems to mostly
   work.  There's still a bug in it, but it should be fairly simple to
   fix and I'm working on it.
 * [Roland] Various other cleanings in
 * [Roland] Fixed dependencies of the packages.  Not as if it were really
   important before multi-host installations are officially supported,
   but it's good to do it nevertheless.
 * [Roland] [From 2.5] common/include/User.class: Fixed Unix UID
   attribution, so that accounts activated by hand by the admin are given
   an UID too.
 * [Roland] [From 2.5] deb-specific/ Fixed the backlog of
   wrong UIDs.
 * [Roland] Applied patch #417 from Chris Rudd <address@hidden>
   (very slightly modified) to spread the use of the util_send_mail()
   function.  Thanks, Chris.
 * [Roland] Also applied patch #418 from same Chris Rudd to help
   portability on Cygwin platforms.  Thanks, Chris.
 * [Roland] utils/ Applied patch from Manik Surtani
   <address@hidden> fixing a few paths.
 * [Christian] Update language_code in supported_languages table.  It's
   used to have a default language corresponding to browser language
 * [Christian] More i18n on Trove map (work in progress).
 * [Christian] More i18n in group, French translation added too.
 * [Christian] Added choice for default language and theme in debconf.
 * [Roland] Made some scripts silent (including some cron jobs).  They
   should have been silent earlier, but shell redirection is trickier
   than I thought.
 * [Roland] README.Themes: Added a section on theme naming to avoid name
 * [Christian] added choice for default language and theme in debconf
 * [Christian] more i18n for account register
 * [Christian] cosmetics/i18n in bugtracker
 * [Christian] removed multi record bug in software map
 * [Roland] Dropped and recreated the views related to the artifact
   manager, to fix the artifact bug (couldn't submit new artifacts,
   couldn't add new comments to existing ones, couldn't attach files).
   Thanks to Andreas Schrattenecker <address@hidden> for
   the bug report and analysis.

-- Christian Bayle <address@hidden>  Wed,  9 Oct 2002 21:35:36 +0200

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