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Re: [Debian-sf-devel] Command Line Interface

From: Laurent Julliard
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-devel] Command Line Interface
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 10:10:42 +0100
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Tim Perdue wrote:
I just wondered if anyone knows anything about whipping up a CLI to GF, and if they have time to do it.

I want something kind of like cvs, where you issue a command to login, and then you are in business permanently.

gforge address@hidden login
gforge address@hidden submit-patch project-foo -m "my description" < mypatch.diff
gforge address@hidden close-bug 453456 -m "my description"
gforge address@hidden release-file project-foo -m "my description" myfile.tar.gz

That kind of stuff.

I am currently rewriting the File Release System in OO to support this.


I have been thinking about this for a while for the CodeX site at Xerox. My view of it is that each service should export aq subset of its API through a mechanism of some sort. Of course SOAP immediately comes to mind but there may be other ways... then the command line stuff can be simply built on top the SOAP API.

From a corporate standpoint the ability of a GF-like platform to be scriptable is key to integrate it with the existing project development processes in place and/or legacy applications.


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