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Re: [Debian-sf-devel] NonFree software and Debian SF

From: Christian BAYLE
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-devel] NonFree software and Debian SF
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 16:50:49 +0100
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James Michael DuPont a écrit:
my personal pick is
it is BSD, can be converted to GPL, is PHP, and is well used.

and probably better if the developper is confident with the used api.
Ok, so the C code would be the best? something small and fast.
Maybe some gdgraph stuff.
Maybe faster but you have to take care this can be integrated in php pages for access management
The other thing that i would like to know from you,
what is your statement on webservices and plugins,
can I make non-free plugins and atttach them to gforge? If so
what interfaces allow that? GForge is GPL, and this brings us back to
the question of the linking. 
gforge code is GPL, just have to follow GPL rules for all what you do
As plugin can be completly separate you are free to do what you want I suppose.
Play the GNU game or not.
My work on creating a plugin for the GCC has lead me to a large open
question on the licensing of GPL and webservices. What is in your
opinon a plug in, is that a derived product? 
A plugin is a dynamically loaded code, it depends of the interpretation on how tied is
the plugin code, but I'm not at all expert on licensing issues.
I don't really take care of this since my philosophy is to share my code.
Also i have heard that the Zend license is not GPL compatible, how can
I have a mix of PHP and GPL? Do all modules in the Gforge have to be
I would say that if you produce a shell script you don't take care if it is run with gpled shell or not
With php it is the same, as this is interpreted code, but one again. I'm not expert in licensing issues
address@hidden should answer you about this.
See this thread on debian legal :

"> What you're saying is that you may not use GPL'd software in
with non GPL software, from a user's standpoint.  That's completely
in my opinion.  The user may not link GPL'd software with non GPL'd 
software at his own discretion?

No, I'm saying that you may not distribute GPL'd software in conjuction
with software with license which conflicts with the GPL. This is not a
problem from the users standpoint, this is a problem from a
standpoint. It means that for example Debian can't distribute php
against a GPL library. "

Anyway, I am just learning about the PHP licensing, but i do have my



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