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Re: [Debian-sf-devel] references to

From: Roland Mas
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-devel] references to
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 15:39:36 +0200
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Mathieu Roy (2003-04-02 15:24:26 +0200) :


> You cannot remove references to, it would be illegal
> and unpolite.
> That's not what I asked, I wrote:
>         "would you like make obvious the fact that
>         is no longer free software, each times you refers to?"
> Which is perfectly legal, which is not unpolite (it's not unpolite
> to notice their choice - they have to take full responsability for
> it) and, finally, which is perfectly conform to the Savannah policy.

I see the difference.  It'll probably be a moot point rather soon,
since we're probably going to migrate to Gforge.  In the meantime,
please bear with us, Alioth is still pretty recent.

Roland Mas

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Because it was on the other side.

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