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[Demo-schools-discuss] Re: Welcome to the "Demo-schools-discuss" mailin

From: Giridharan Rajagopalan
Subject: [Demo-schools-discuss] Re: Welcome to the "Demo-schools-discuss" mailing list
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 02:54:55 -0800 (PST)

Great work guys!
Atleast we could get about 50% of our members.

  --Giridharan Rajagopalan

 address@hidden wrote:

I'm adding some of you guys to this new mailing list. Please take a look at the member list on our mailing list and if you get other members that were here thats not on this list, please do tell me.

a brief narration of the incident:

I didn't tell Mr.Asokan to notify me before he formats so he did it sometime I think in the end of last week. I had stored the members list on itself, which got lost in the format! Now I dont have any idea who else were the members. so once we settle down with this list, we will start spamming all the lists that we initially mailed once again! (shame on me).

if any of you happen to know others not subscribed here, please tell me. I will add them. Thankfully I have the list of book writers in my wiki. so I will add them too once I reach home today.

Thanks to Ravi for giving me the idea to contact Sriram Karra and get his bbdb data. thanks to sriram karra for quickly providing the email addresses that he could recover.


Welcome to the address@hidden mailing list! This is a
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Giridharan Rajagopalan 
24620571 extn:1479
Santhome , Chennai 




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