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[DS-discuss]GREAT NEWS!!!

From: Suraj Kumar
Subject: [DS-discuss]GREAT NEWS!!!
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 11:16:09 +0530

i finally  got to speak  with Mr.Asokan (over  yahoo! ;/) and  he said
that he hasn't  formatted anything. After the hour  long discussion we
discovered  that  communitech  (the  ISP  of  has  some
technical problems within his network and thats why we weren't able to

so as soon as this gets back, we will be able to resume our operations
in full swing...

in the meanwhile, let me update on the other part:

Its been  5 weeks  now, I have  been "successfully" taking  classes at
MIT, Chromepet on shell programming.  Mr.Giridharan Rajagopalan met me
last week about resuming the classes at SCS on saturdays. If things go
well, he will be coming over  to my residence sometime soon and I will
introduce him to the school and so that he can resume the teaching.

I think its necessary for address@hidden to meet sometime soon after the
mailing list is  restored. There has been absolutely  _no_ progress on
the book writing part... :( and  its been two complete months since we
did _any_ demo.


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