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RE: [DS-discuss]conforming availability

From: Mohanakrishnan
Subject: RE: [DS-discuss]conforming availability
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 05:44:30 +0530

This is a GREAT opportunity for us. I am willing to
take 3 or 4 days leave for this purpose. Please talk
to them about this. Mohan, please fixup dates such
that you don't have exam/project pressure. Also if
they allow us on Sundays it will be great. We can
discuss modalities on Saturday's meet.

About M$ offer, let us accept it as a challange and
not get dejected. Every crisis is indeed an


[Mohan]         yeo ,that makes me jump up...well will talk to the
Director of that institution... guys, think u wouldn't have seen a
smaller college than this... I find that the staff are pretty cordial
when approached and so is the director, well don’t think its possible
this Saturday, we are already in the middle of this week, how about next
week (29th), think they'd be working 5th Saturday too... possibilities
of having demos on Sundays is pretty ruled out as students their seem to
have Sunday-phobia... so not possible :(

[Mohan]         my sathyabama contact is in his final year, and he's got
placed right now... so he is pretty busy with his projects et al... 

        but hey aren't we "address@hidden"... there is talk about demos in
colleges but what about schools... has the level gone up to colleges or
is it just a transition phase... 
[Mohan] and raman sir, my being without projects and assignments...
hmm...antha naalum vandhidatho!... but surely, we'll fire up sankara... 

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