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RE: [DS-discuss]conforming availability

From: Raman.P
Subject: RE: [DS-discuss]conforming availability
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 04:41:49 +0000 (GMT)

> [Mohan]       yeo ,that makes me jump up...well will talk
> to the
> Director of that institution... guys, think u
> wouldn't have seen a
> smaller college than this... I find that the staff
> are pretty cordial
> when approached and so is the director, well don’t
> think its possible
> this Saturday, we are already in the middle of this
> week, how about next
> week (29th), think they'd be working 5th Saturday
> too... possibilities
> of having demos on Sundays is pretty ruled out as
> students their seem to
> have Sunday-phobia... so not possible :(
Sunday suggestion is only for networking, not for
I think 29th will ok. Please proceed.
>       but hey aren't we "address@hidden"... there is talk
> about demos in
> colleges but what about schools... has the level
> gone up to colleges or
> is it just a transition phase... 

In fact we are address@hidden


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