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[DS-discuss]Re: [Fwd: Warning: could not send message for past 4 hours]

From: Suraj Kumar
Subject: [DS-discuss]Re: [Fwd: Warning: could not send message for past 4 hours]
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 09:31:56 +0530

[demo-schools added to the CC list]

V. Venkataramanan writes:
 > I am unable to post this to the group. Can you pl. forward this or/and
 > take it up during the meeting.

did you  miss out all  the "action"? is  inaccessible and
hence we aren't able  to use the old address@hidden mailing
list.  Instead  a   new  mailing  list  on  savannah   was  created  -

all of you, please note that nobody lives in our old list anymore. Its
a     ghost    city.      The     new    mailing     list    is     at  and  you
can           post          to          the           list          at
address@hidden administrative commands (mailman) can
be sent to address@hidden

anyway, as you had requested,  I'm adding the new address@hidden list to
the CC list.

my  comments will follow  in a  separate mail  to maintain  clarity of


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 > To: "Raman.P" <address@hidden>, schoolers <address@hidden>
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 > Hi all,
 > At distance, I can only follow what is posted here.  I hope you meeting
 > this week is interesting and fruitful.
 > I wish to add the following item to the agenda;
 > We at Tamillinux made a proposal to INFITT ( during the
 > last meeting at San Francisco to develop the necessary backbone to
 > attempt a pilot project of using Linux in schools.  (I will post my
 > paper in, before tomorrow for ref.).  This
 > was accepted in principle.  The Tamillinux volunteers have been
 > developing all the tools for localization - great boon to use same
 > computers in Tamil and English medium classes. We also propose to
 > package them all together and make documentation.  The project will be
 > funded by INFITT, Tamil Nadu foundation, America-India Foundation and
 > few NRIs. (i.e. as and when the schools are ready to take implement -
 > this group will fund them to buy computers). 
 > But, It has been suggested that we can already attempt this in few
 > schools, without financial burden - around chennai - that have
 > computers.  This is where we need a volunteer base in chennai, to act as
 > local gurus. Some of the roles I envisage for this group are - 1.
 > conduct a demo - for groups of prof. and few people from Tamil Nadu
 > School Education Board. 2. Conduct a demo for chosen school teachers. 3.
 > Install in some schools 4. Let the teachers play with them and learn. 5.
 > In summer - conduct a workshop for larger group of school teachers -
 > educate them on the ideals of Free Soft., Technicalities of Linux, GNU,
 > and other Open tools. It is expected that at the end of this cycle there
 > will be chosen schools to actually run Linux boxes. 
 > This project is not proceeding due to the lack of volunteer support in
 > Chennai. Most of the Tamillinux enthusiasts live outside India. We
 > continue to make progress on localization issues. There is a promised
 > financial support for schools. But only volunteers can make it happen.  
 > I propose that our friends at demo@ discuss this tomorrow.  Identify a
 > small group who will get in touch with Prof. Ananthakrishanan and
 > discuss this issue. I am very optimistic of your support as this fits in
 > nicely with the goals of address@hidden 
 > At the heart of my moves is the desire a whole GNU Tamil generation -
 > brought up on the ideals of freedom.
 > Looking forward to your feedback.
 > regards,
 > venkat
 > PS: A few weeks ago, I started this issue in this group.  But I
 > understand that there were list problems.  So, I append the old
 > correspondence. Sorry that this mail turned longer than expected.
 > Believe me - I do not want to 'sentence' you.:)
 > Dear Venkat
 > Nice to hear from you. I am looking forward to hearing from the Chennai
 > Volunteers working with Tamil Linux in Chennai Schools.
 > Best wishes
 > M.Anandakrishnan
 > Address:
 > Dr.M.Anandakrishnan
 > 8 Fifth Main Road
 > Kasturibai Nagar, Adyar
 > Chennai 600 020. INDIA
 > 044-24916291
 > email: address@hidden (or) address@hidden
 > -----Original Message-----
 > From: V. Venkataramanan [mailto:address@hidden
 > Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 2:42 AM
 > To: M.Anandakrishnan
 > Cc: Arun Mahizhnan; address@hidden; K. Kalyanasundaram
 > Subject: Re: Tamil Linux
 > Dear Prof. Ananthakrishnan,
 > I am sorry for the delay in replying.  I was away on a business trip.
 > (This being the end of the financial year, we are under tremendous
 > pressure to get additional research proposals).
 > I have put this idea to a small group of young volunteers in Chennai
 > (address@hidden - a part of Free Software Foundation, India).  They are
 > already conducting demonstration in some schools. Association with
 > INFITT and TN Foundation should accelerate their activities.
 > I will follow the discussions in the coming days.
 > Once again, sorry for the delay.
 > anpudan
 > venkat
 > On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 07:40, M.Anandakrishnan wrote:
 > > Dear Vekat
 > >
 > > Arun has forwarded your mail regarding introducing Linux in Tamil in
 > schools
 > > in Tamil Nadu. Please let me the persons in and around Chennai who can
 > be
 > > contacted to carry forward this idea. The Tamil Nadu Foundation in
 > Chennai
 > > will also be interested in promoting this effort.
 > > Anbudan
 > > M.Anandakrishnan
 > >
 > On Fri, 2003-03-21 at 06:23, Raman.P wrote:
 > > This is just to remind that tomorrow [22.3.03
 > > saturday], we will be meeting in the evening at Gandhi
 > > Mandapam. I will be there by 5pm. Since, after long
 > > time we are meeting, I expect people to turnup in
 > > large numbers.
 > > 
 > > Raman.P
 > --NAA13967653.1048269684/

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