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RE: [DS-discuss]confirming availability

From: Suraj Kumar
Subject: RE: [DS-discuss]confirming availability
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 09:33:41 +0530

Mohanakrishnan writes:
 >      Due to some work at college, I can't come by 5.00, will be
 > joining a little late... say by 5.45 - 6.00 pm... sorry about that...
 > but will surely make it...

i  think we  also  need to  find  an alternate  location since  gandhi
mandapam closes by  6:00 PM. Not this time, but the  next time we need
to find an alternate location.

| There is nothing impossible to achieve in the universe           |
| by perseverance, choosing proper time and place                  |
| (choosing time - 4), Thirukkural                                 |

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