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Re: [DS-discuss]minutes of the meeting - 22nd, March, 2003

From: V. Venkataramanan
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss]minutes of the meeting - 22nd, March, 2003
Date: 25 Mar 2003 10:59:02 -0500


I was waiting to see the minutes. 

First things first, drop that Mr. in front of my name, it is
inconvenient. This makes me feel an outsider to the group.  Though, I
live miles apart, I always consider this group close to my heart and
ideals. So pl. pl. do not alienate me with prefixes. 

Let me clarify a few things;

0. We all are volunteers - we can give our time (and effort) only as we
deem it appropriate.  So, INFITT can in no way dictate anything to us.
(us here means Tamil Linux and demo@ volunteer base). 

1. That said, what demo@ will do is to talk to Prof. MA and find how we
can work together. Tell him clearly what are within the ideals of demo@
and what are not (say peddling StarOffice - I will come to this later).
All that I had suggested (as to how things may proceed are my
assumptions) - they are better decided between demo@ and INFITT - at the
chennai radius level. 

2. I feel there is an importance for all of us (INFITT, demo@,
tamillinux,,...) to work together.  This is highlighted by M$ approach
to schools in India (and now $UN microsystem's additions).  This 40K -
take everything and free license to StarOffice (read - anbalagan's posting today) are opiates for
the masses (and we know what they can do when they are mixed with Coke -
a real heady stuff to enslave a generation).  Unless, the word on
freedom spreads - loud and fast.  The schools and colleges would be
already in deep addiction. 

3. $oft is creating what are called 'domain of addicts' - by throwing in
these freebies.  We recently had a huge cry here when Univ. of Waterloo
and M$ signed to make Waterloo a non-m$-free zone. We all know what harm
it can do to learning. 

So, my suggestion is - pl. call Prof. MA, fix up and appointment - talk
with him. Find out what he has in his mind.  Be clear about what you
will not do and convey that to him in no unequivocal terms. Get a plan
and from there we can proceed further. The key is to get this process
going - without preconceived apprehensions and hang-overs.  As I said,
let us be clear about how we can help them. 

Keep me informed so that I can do the best. 


On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 06:49, Suraj Kumar wrote:
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> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>         Minutes of the address@hidden meeting - 22nd March, 2003

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