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[DS-discuss]demo @ sankaram and other things...

From: Mohanakrishnan
Subject: [DS-discuss]demo @ sankaram and other things...
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 17:57:42 +0530

Hello there,

        Sorry for the late reply (am always like this!!)... 

        Went to meet the director on 3 consecutive days... seems like
they had their college sports day, annual day and farewell this week, so
the poor female was quite busy!... and what more... their sports day was
held inside my college!, but I went to their college to meet her when
she was hardly 10 mins away from my class room!...

        Now the bombers fly in!... looks like we wont be able to hold
the demo in this academic year... that is till may... they have their
sem exams and are "gearing-up" for that... well thatÂ’s what she says...
so guys, no demos for some more time...

        And regarding the Tamil-Emacs... Mr.Bharathi, I would be glad if
u can send me the pointers from where I can get it downloaded... keen on
having a look at that... 

        Nothing more for the moment...

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