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[DS-discuss]The Remote IT Village Project

From: Raj Shekhar
Subject: [DS-discuss]The Remote IT Village Project
Date: 07 May 2003 09:39:44 +0530

I came across this project on Slashdot. 
The Remote IT Village Project attempting to connect several isolated
villages deep in the Laotian Jungle to the rest of the world using
wireless networks, pedal-power and Laonux (customized Linux installs
translated into the Laotian language). Power surges can be a hassle when
the nearest computer store is hundreds of miles away, but they're
shooting for a May 18th "go live" date."

The conditions are almost(or exactly) like the Indian villages, so I
thought to bring this to everyones notice. Please spread the word and if
someone can whisper a word about this to our GREAT INDIAN BUREAUCRACY,
it would be nice.  
Raj Shekhar

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