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Re: [DS-discuss]long time no demo?

From: Rahul Sundaram
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss]long time no demo?
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 10:14:34 +0100 (BST)


i think that the view that fsf would control our
speech is paranoid.if and when that happens we can
easily quit. why should we quit in fear that fsf would
dominate us. i think ours and fsf's goals are
complimentary. we can afford not to match them point
by point and still benefit from each other

rahul sundaram

--- Suraj Kumar <address@hidden> wrote: > Raman.P
wrote on Tue, May 27, 2003 at 06:54:32AM
> +0100: 
> ,----
> |  In the  meantime, the  news that  ghostscript is
> out  of gnu  in view
> | stubborn  attitude of fsf,  worries me  (as posted
>  in fsf-I  list). I
> | think it is high time we get  out of fsf fold. I
> personally don't want
> | to be dicated to by anyone who is not part of our
> volunteer force.
> `----
> It  was posted  on fsf-friends.   But I  dont see 
> it as  any stubborn
> attitude or whatever. Ghostscript is  released under
> the AFPL which is
> incompatible  with  the GPL.   Only  GPL  compatible
>  licenses can  be
> dual-licensed along with the GPL. It wont make sense
> if someone was to
> dual-license their code  under both the GPL and, 
> say, EULA, would it?
> So  far there  have  been no  violations  of the 
> GPL  because of  two
> reasons: 1.   GPL itself is very  well thought out
> and  robust, 2. FSF
> constantly monitors ppl  who may be violating the
> GPL  and ask them to
> correct their mistakes.  IMVHO its  not rude to tell
> someone that they
> are trying to steal my work.
> ,----
> | My interest is waning prescisely  because of
> obsession with GNU and if
> | (and  only if)  this  is given  up I  will  be
> more  active from  this
> | academic season onwards.
> `----
> When did  address@hidden get obsessed  with GNU? Which
> school  / college
> heard _only_ about GNU? At MCC there was mani,
> venki, myself and you -
> we  all  spoke  of all  sorts  of  things  and  I 
> donot see  any  GNU
> fanaticism.   But  its  worth  noting  that this 
> group  is  only  for
> encouraging Free  Software. As long as  we talk free
>  software and not
> talk  random UNIXes  and  non-free-at-heart Open 
> Source software  its
> definitely not  fanaticism.  GNU  is one such 
> mighty example  of free
> software at work.  and it has  a wonderful history,
> while, say an exim
> or an apache, would not be as inspiring as GNU is.
>   -Suraj
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