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Re: [DS-discuss]long time no demo?

From: Arun M
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss]long time no demo?
Date: 27 May 2003 16:24:21 +0530

> As long as we are part of FSF, we will be monitored.
> Our freedom of speech will be tolerated only as long
> as they think  we are right. I don't want any body to
> monitor me or my speech and dictate me to talk the way
> they want else shut up [this is what happened in
> fsf-friends list when someone referred to linux and
> not gnu/linux. He was sought to be banned from list.
> And after all its FSF-FRIENDS not fsf-members list.
> And friends need not agree on aspects].

Hi Raman, 

    GNU project and FSF stands for some values. If they started
compromising on those stands, what abt others ? We wont even be able to
tell others. 

Regarding fsf-frineds list no one was ever banned. Please not that
fsf-friends list policy says that it is not a list for debate on basic
decisions made by GNU project. And it was suggested that fsf-discuss
list can be used for the same. Also when you work in a system you will
have to share some common practice.


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