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[DS-discuss]Re: your mail

From: Rahul Sundaram
Subject: [DS-discuss]Re: your mail
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 07:02:26 +0100 (BST)


we now are part of a large *volunteer* organisation
called fsf. we are independant of fsf a *volunteer*

fsf based on its ideals and experiences can let
address@hidden know what it is in favorable of.

no ms-bashing

i am very much in favorable of this point.any
proprietary s/w or company is against the goals of
swantira software. if we do  ms bashing we are
focussing on only one such company. pro-linux doesnt
mean anti anything.

i think fsf's do's and dont's are only request and not

> There is going to be clear  track of what money
> address@hidden earnt for
> itself and what money  was funded by FSF. So even if
>  this is going to
> happen we can show accounts and  take back whatever
> funds that we have
> brought in. This is not a problem at all, IMO.

ok.i will have to trust u on that.

> ,----
> | * use of term free software

i am against the use of a confusing term such as
free.i believe gnu should have avoided this and uses
the term freedom software instead. the term open
source is much more appealing to the people than free
software. every time i use it i have differentiate it
with freeware which is kind of annoying. of course we
can use regional words but they are workarounds and
free software remains a confusing term.

> I donot think so. Infact FSFI never says that you
> _should_ call the OS
> as GNU/Linux. It only says that you  do a favour to
> them by calling it
> GNU/Linux. 

right. that means i can use the term linux and
continue to fsf doesnt force
anything.whats raman worried about then?. he has his
concerns.are they invalid?

> a very  valid question. more than  merely the
> ability to  work on free
> software should  be the encouragement that
> individuals  get by working
> on it.  Maybe someday  when address@hidden  goes big
> it  may be  able to
> afford one or two technical writers.

i am not asking anyone to employ point was that
if fsf funds people who are interested we dont have to
work would move at a faster
address@hidden wont recieve the funds it requires
from anywhere else as far as i know.suraj might put
money out of his pocket now. i dont think thats a
solution. atleast i dont believe this should be a
permanent thing. there are a lot of ifs and buts here
and i dont like that


>   -Suraj
> -- 
> | Hail thee, lovely moon!; guide me without hiding,
> to trace           |
> | my beloved, who departed without quitting my mind 
>                   |
> | (bemoaning thoughts of separati - 10), Thirukkural
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