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[DS-discuss]Re: [OT] Viduthalai?

From: Ramanan Selvaratnam
Subject: [DS-discuss]Re: [OT] Viduthalai?
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 19:31:41 +0100
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Hello all,

My records show that my  mail may not have reached the list yet.

If there are any known problems please let me know.

Rahul Sundaram wrote:


again free s.w remains a confusing term and is the
reason why the *term* open source became famous. dont
look upon open source as something u should avoid.

Well, free software is by default open source and more.
Technically and economically they may be the same thing but morally free software is much more. 'Open Source' does not appeal to me and I wish to avoid this unecessary word/concept.

anyway i was talking about the concept i was talking
about the term open source. freedom software remains a
better term than free software and there is no reason
for fsf not to use it in favor of free software.trying

I have heard of people resorting to libre software.
I have also seen some misinformed people in the UK protest about the use of french !!
'libre' or even libratory might be better.
Or even a fitting tamil word that we could agree upon might be better to describe the universal nature of freedom.

vernacular alternatives doesnt overcom the problem for
those who speak english. in the IT industry even in
india nobody will talk about viduthalai or

Are you sure about this?
Why 'even' India?

Translations of universal truths has nothing to do with the current IT industry IMHO. Is it the case in India too, that the IT industry gets to decides on what is good for the masses?!

you call the people those who think that
free means gratis while using the confusing term as
ignorant people?

No. If I wrote so my apologies. I thought I used the word 'misinformed'.

well let me state this. those ignorant people
represent the comman mass and if we dont appeal to

..please... the peopel with IT skills or access to computers do not represent anyone except themselves. Especially so if a vast majority of these are forced to use pirated software to keep up with the unfair global economic divide.

We should empower the masses not appeal to them to come and be like us, arguing over mailing lists.

So please do not get confused.
The ignorant /misinformed (in IT terms) ones are a minority, *not* the common masses.

THey should be informed as much they wish to know. Not dictated upon by the 'IT

them we will be a niche community.

FYI, in europe they () are more like a threat to the colonial economic practices that never died.
A minority in both places it seems.

coming out with
better terms and policies is *important-* part of this
freedom we are trying to develop.
True. That is why I put forward the word 'viduthalai'.
I would like your informed opinion on this. Not what you think the current IT industry will make of it.

give me just one reason not to use the term freedom

I have nothing against the use of the word freedom by soemone else.
But you will find me not conceding to the wrong mindset by sticking to the use of free software.

Hey, you might find myself going on about 'viduvickum menporul' or a similar term,

Is 'viduthalai' a better translation for free as in freedom?

Best wishes,


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