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[DS-discuss]Re: [OT] Viduthalai?

From: Ramanan Selvaratnam
Subject: [DS-discuss]Re: [OT] Viduthalai?
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 01:00:36 +0100
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Is 'viduthalai' a better translation for free as in

i believe swanthiram is a better word.
I believe you mean 'suthanthiram'.

'suthanthiram' == independence  !=liberation.

'Paechchuch suthanthiram' is widely interpreted as  free speech though.
But freedom (the state of being) is *simply* 'viduthalai'

'Suthanthira menporul' could apply to any independent software.
If free software becomes the norm then the proprietary software houses may develop independent software that was non-free. But they cannot call it 'free as in freedom'.....the closest could be 'independent as in freedom'.

Freedom has atleast two meanings in english (liberation and independence) but not in tamil. Tamil might have more than one clear translation for liberation ('viduthalai' or 'thalai-aru nilai' or 'moatchcham' ....) but the meanings are very clear and distinct.

specifies a verb/an action
Definitely not.
The root word 'vidu'/'viduvi' is a 'vinaichchol' (word of action) probably verb in english.

while swanthiram represents
a state.

Viduthalai can be a state too. Is it not?

a s/w is not an action but a state.
Dunno whether what you wanted to say came out right here?

Software is software. Maybe numbers and electronic pulses. Maybe money too.

But my attitude towards software is what matters to me. People's freedom should be respected w.r.t this emerging essential commodity. The freedom to share and cooperate as much as they should have over clean water, good food or secure shelter. Especially so when there are blatantly visible attempts being made to deny this freedom.
I wish more people had similar attitude.
I definitely want my children to have this attitude.
Actually software is secondary.

some of other vernaculars such as vidumenpural of
vendali kutanam patanam(just made that up) doesnt
appeal to people because we will have again explain
that we  are talking  about software and freedom and
not rocket fuel.
My rant above is not rocket science. It is common righteous thoughts that have been around for millenia.
Do not worry, ' common people' will undertand it.
If anyone thinks they are not common let them be, in their blissfully ignorant state as long as they do not try to deny us our freedom.

i told even in india bcoz the majority of IT uses
english as a kind of fashion thing ignoring the
reality that the majority cant speak english

And they should have the freedom to not speak/type that language (as I am sure most would wish in India).

Another question.... are these schools address@hidden try and educate... tamil medium schools?

Best regards,


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