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From: Raman.P
Subject: [DS-discuss]Re:
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 13:27:37 +0100 (BST)

 --- Rahul Sundaram <address@hidden> wrote:
> hi
> ok raman. if we register a/c's and stuff under fsf
> quitting out may not be an option. i do not know the
> legal implications. i look upon address@hidden as a
> volunteer organisation. fsf cannot at any point
> imply
> something we dont want. if we quit address@hidden
> stalls
> right there regardless of whether fsf holds a a/c or
> not.what exactly are your concerns. what do you
> think
> that the fsf would want us to do that we dont agree
> ourselves.
> ok. let me take an example. I understand the fsf's
> ideals regarding swantira software but there a few
> points that i  dont agree with. 
> *  usage of lgpl
> * use of term free software
> * use of the term gnu/linux

So got the point, they object to even the way you call
the attitude of fsf in general is accept in toto or
else you are immoral [ including the way you call a

Few weeks back I saw seveal posts in fsf-i, casting
asperations on the moral characters of government
officials, just because they opted windows software.
And another person was sought to be banned because of
point number 3 you mentioned. This is what I say, I
don't want to be dictated to by anybody other than our
own volunteers force. If we are part of fsf we loose
this freedom.

In another instance, a company living on developing
gpled software was asked to put on net,customised
software though they give their customers all the 4
rights. As long as 4 freedoms are given to the
receiver, fsf has no reason to worry/complain against
anybody. But in that case, the scope was enlarged to
society good etc.

Working with fsf is different from working UNDER fsf.

> would i get banned by the group for this?.can fsf
> force the team to do things it doesnt want to do?

If you are under their umbrella then you have to
accept their bossing.
> another concern is funding and support. i am looking
> for a job where i can work for swantira software. if
> fsf does fund me i would be doing this fulltime.(no
> kidding).would address@hidden stand self sufficient
> without fsf?
Well this whole project is conceived as a set of
people propgating sofware freedom, certainly not for
providing   job. The funds were never sought by us. We
are not in the business of developing software. 

I don't think anybody will have objecton in you
accepting a fulltime fsf fundeded job, that is your
personal will and wish.

address@hidden can easily stand on its own legs, because
we don't have global ambitions, we just want to
popularise the concept among our neighbourhood schools
and colleges.


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