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Re: [DS-discuss]Re:

From: Suraj Kumar
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss]Re:
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 19:43:41 -0500
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Raman.P wrote on Tue, May 27, 2003 at 01:27:37PM +0100: 
| Well this  whole project  is conceived as  a set of  people propgating
| sofware freedom, certainly not for providing job. The funds were never
| sought by us. We are not in the business of developing software.

Rahul's wish  is to  involve himself in  free software  doumentation /
related activities full-time.  He is  not looking for a job by joining
address@hidden   I  just  wanted  to  tell  this  before  things  get
misunderstood further.

| address@hidden can easily  stand on its own legs,  because we don't have
| global ambitions,  we just  want to popularise  the concept  among our
| neighbourhood schools and colleges.

thats true but  how long can the volunteers  alone keep pumping money?
Atleast  I have  a limit  upto which  I can  keep spending  out  of my
pocket. and it  would be unfair to just keep  expecting the members to
fund the  system. When FSF can  fund us when  we are in need  there is
nothing like  it. For  instance, FSF-i might  be printing  the posters
that have  been put  up on  the graphics section  of fsf-i  site. Left
overs, extra posters may be sent to  us and we can use them. There are
definitely only advantages  and no disadvantages in being  with FSF. I
think you are unnecessarily frightened about FSF... :)


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