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Re: [DS-discuss] guess what !!!

From: venki
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss] guess what !!!
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 16:08:56 +0530
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Hi mohan,

 Great to see everybody back into the list. 

>       venki, suraj and raman sir, will it be possible for u to come to mcc to
> handle some classes on shell scripting and other linux fundas...
> planning to start off with a LUG in MCC, and i see a good response...
> weekends would be an ideal time... i already see about 30-35 ppl
> registering (no kidding!), trust me, i need help badly now!

Sure, we will do that. As suraj said, we will meet some where first and decide 
what to do.  Suraj, are you in chennai now? MIT students are waiting for you. 
I think you have tough time :), Let me know once you are here to MIT. 

>       well, we sure should meet... and mr.suraj "his php script" kumar... we
> dont see u at all these days... whats up??...
>       venki sir... are u there... u've disappeared!

really sorry buddy. BTW have you seen mks mail in ilugc list. No sir please, 
all au-kbc'ians use to substitute "fool" instead of "sir" whenever someone 
says so. Well, how is your final year studies going on.


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