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Re: [DS-discuss] A nice guide to Debian GNU/Linux

From: Ramanan Selvaratnam
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss] A nice guide to Debian GNU/Linux
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 17:41:53 +0100
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demo @schools couldnt definitely use the stuff bcoz it
is licensed under gpl

Why is GPL a problem?

Before the invent of GFDL it was common to use GPL for documentation.
I would personally prefer the GFDL here as it is specifically made for protecting documentation but do not see why GPL is such problem.

i thought  that gnu fdl is more appropriate for docs
rather than gpl. i dont know the intracacies thou
One thing I know is that *some* Debian zealots consider the GFDL to be non free when compared to Debian's native documentation licence. Maybe adoption of ther GPL defuses any tension related such wrong views displayed within the Debian community.

Please refer to
for another example.
BTW, this document could be hyperlinked clearly from the book in question for completeness.


How is that book? It is under GPL. So address@hidden
can make use of it

Hands-on Guide to the Debian GNU Operating System
Author : Davor Ocelic <docelic/@/>


The book does not seem to have been updated for some time. A lot more could be added on to this skeleton. Maybe address@hidden could revive the development of this book ...if so I will be happy to participate.



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