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[DS-discuss] Re: GFDL (was: Re: debian and rms)

From: Rahul Sundaram
Subject: [DS-discuss] Re: GFDL (was: Re: debian and rms)
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 02:05:53 +0100 (BST)


> If a nutter wrote a good manual on Apache so be it.
> I will use it if 
> there is a need for it and acknowledge the author as
> a nutter if I can 
> be bothered to read up his/her rant.

good. i would probably like to do that too.
unfortunately this is not entirely gracious

> >
> >If you publish or distribute Opaque copies of the
> >Document numbering more than 100, you must either
> >include a machine-readable Transparent copy along
> with
> >
> Sorry I was not astute enough to understand what was
> 'machine readable' 
> and that you were referring to the content.
> it all wrong in my previous mail.
> I understand the need for Transparent copies and am
> sure you do too.

> Then by its electronic nature I do not see how
> distribution of a non 
> encrypted version alongside it will be a problem.
> Anyway would it not be the case that  as soon as the
> encryption is 
> deciphered one will have the source or simply be
> pointed to a URL for 
> the source?

were you aware of this before. people can violate this
licensing term quite accidentally.

> Most importantly let us remembe this is for a number
> > 100.
> OK this might be  a constraint of freedom when
> compared to the GPL'ed 
> software model) but I guess this is the special
> arrangement that will 
> make publishers take up the GFDL. No?

i wouldt bet on that but i think we can end up this
discussion. i was just giving out examples to indicate
that the license has issues that was raised in debian
legal that anyone using fdl should be aware of and i
think i have reached that point now

rahul sundaram

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