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[DS-discuss] Re: debian and rms

From: Rahul Sundaram
Subject: [DS-discuss] Re: debian and rms
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 02:13:55 +0100 (BST)


> 'RMS provided us with this update on GNU/LinEx: /The
> developers told me 
> that GNU/LinEx included only free software, but
> after this interview was 
> published various people have checked it and found
> non-free programs in 
> it. I therefore cannot recommend GNU/LinEx at
> present. I hope that this 
> problem will be corrected./'

the footnote makes it even worse. now there is not a
single distro he can recommend to anyone. i have seen
people moving into debian because they want to be more
associated with ' free software' even when it doesnt
make sense at all. 

there was issues in the interview that rms didnt
correct up later. 

1) rms mentioned that gnu doesnt link with debian
because of non free software descriptions in debian. a
quick search found that it was not true.

2) rms didnt bother to mention that debian is as
paranoid about non free software a much as rms and
goes to the extension of clearly segregating between
them and has 'vrms' package would check for the
existance of non free software in the system. This is
as far as things can get for now

lets take up this scenario

I couldnt get good enough replacements for java, flash
and shockwave stuff on the net. I wouldnt mind
installing a flash player plugin for my aunt if she
wants to send a e greeting to her cousin in Linux. I
wouldnt do it personally though. I would send a
personal email instead :-). i cant really talk about
freedom with souce code to my aunt can i?

rahul sundaram

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